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How does the CLICS ecosystem work?

The CLICS ecosystem is comprised of a mobile app and dispenser which allow stylists to digitally design colors and then dispense them. For further details, please refer to our how it works page.

Can the CLICS dispenser use any hair color brand?

The CLICS system is only compatible with CLICS Colors™, which are specially designed in pressurized canisters to allow for precise and repeatable dispensing.

How much is the CLICS ecosystem?

For pricing details, please refer to our pricing page.

How can I get the CLICS ecosystem for my salon?

CLICS is currently accepting partner salon reservations. Join our quickly-growing Reservation List here to be the first to hear about CLICS updates, exclusive offers, live demos, and first in line to receive the system, which is expected to arrive mid-2020.

Is CLICS available for individual consumers?

CLICS is currently only available for professional salons, and is meant to only be used by licensed cosmetologists.

Can I purchase a CLICS dispenser for my salon?

The CLICS dispenser is only available as a lease to salons, so that CLICS professionals can perform maintenance and make sure that it is up to our elite standards.